Ace Interview Prep
Product Design, Web Design
June 2020

Bringing a Founder's Vision off the page and into the real world.

Ace interview prep is a platform that helps prepare job seekers for interview questions based on the field they are going in to. Their mission is to help people have more confidence in interviewing and they achieve it by providing insight into interview questions and have users practice mock interviews which are recorded. These recordings are analyzed and a feedback report is generated for the user.

We worked with Ace to bring the idea for their product off the page and into the real world by consulting on product design, developing mockups of the features and designing a landing page to drive signups for the MVP of their platform.
Lauren's original concept drawings that she wanted to make real

Product Design

Taking the paper mockups and the vision that Ace had for their product we designed several screens and feature stagings. It is difficult to communicate in words just how much value Ace brings to its users, so we knew right away that showing visuals of the platform was going to be critical.

Another critical component was highlighting specific feature sets in screen mockups in the foreground of a screen mockup that looks production ready. This helped draw they eye to a core element of the value prop but still communicated that it was also part of a complete product.

Lastly for the Hero section we wanted to capture the value that Ace brings in a nutshell. Rather than jamming all of the screens together we pulled to individual features and staged them together. We added some personality to the brand by extending its colour palette and designing custom fluid background to accompany the product shots.
Feature staging we did for the Hero Section of the Ace website.
A product screen we developed to communicate how the question library interface would look like and operate. We also added some custom background illustrations for staging on the Ace Website.
We developed this product screen to illustrate how Ace could build out its feedback mechanism in a dashboard. We also added some custom background illustrations for staging on the Ace Website.

Web Design

Like many founders, Lauren and Galen had try to make their first website themselves using something like Squarespace or Wix. While it got the job done it just did not convey the level of professionalism they were after and they felt like their customers would not take them seriously.

We made them a new home for Ace and designed it to show off all of the amazing features that they are offering their users. From stunning graphics to smooth animations we crafted a user experience to drive conversion to their MVP.

Ace Interview's Previous Website

Ace Interview's New Website