Stop worrying that your customers won’t take you seriously

Learn how to design stunning product mockups for your startup to feature on your website, in your pitch decks or wherever else you want people to have a wow moment.

Coming August 2020

Customers have a higher bar for the quality of design they choose to interact with.

94% of them won’t interact with a digital product because of poor design. This course teaches you the repeatable process to deliver high quality product designs.

Even if you’ve never touched design software before this course will walk you through step-by-step and day by day exactly what you should be doing to start creating stunning product designs.
What high quality product designs do for you:
Higher conversions on your MVP tests as you appear more credible and trustworthy
More LOIs from B2B customers because they can see the value clearly and can tell you are reputable.
Take control of product development and get a head start on developing the product even without a development team!


What you'll learn

Bring the value prop to life

How to go from value prop statement to real product mockups that will communicate credibility and professionalism to your customers or investors.

Design Software

You’ll learn the ins and outs of the software used for product design as well as a tips, tricks and plug-ins that supercharge your work and save you time.

The product design process

It is not enough to simply know how to work the software you need to know the repeatable process that will lead you to professional designs every time.

Product Staging

How do you showcase the product designs you made to drive conversions or impress a investor? We’ll teach you several ways to stage your product designs from floating screens to inside popular device mockups.

Make any product screen

The Piksl approach to research for product design that has you in the trenches reverse engineering the biggest tech products out there and using those learnings in your designs

Handing off to Developers

How you can make a developer incredibly happy and reduce the cost of your real product development by structuring and exporting your assets in a specific way.

“Working with Piksl was amazing. They completely turned around how people perceive my company. You’d be crazy not to learn their process to do the same”

Lauren DeSouza, Ace Interview Prep

A ton of value in a digestible format for founders and students

We know time is precious to students and entrepreneurs so we allow you to take the course at your own pace or opt to break it down into smaller digestible sections that fit into your day.
Take it a day at a time, just weekends, or here and there when you have time. We’re flexible to you learning pace.

20+ hours of Practical Instruction and Application

We hate boring lectures and we know you do too. That is why we spend most of our time building and applying the things we are learning.
You're in design software within the first 10 minutes of starting the course.

Worksheets and Toolkits to help you learn and start applying

This isn’t a course where you just watch us do it. We want you to be hands-on. That’s why we developed worksheets for every lesson to facilitate and organize your thinking.
Every lesson has printable and interactive pdf worksheets. Who even has a printer anymore?

Finished templates to help you along the way

We find one of the best ways to learn is to reverse engineer amazing looking products to understand what goes into building them. That’s why we include fully completed templates and case studies that we will explore in the course and offer to you at no extra charge.
Free app mockups of many different types of Saas businesses to get you started and use to reverse engineer for your own needs.

Meet your instructor

Sam Haas

I’ve been helping startups started by students get off the ground for a number of years. My favourite part of the journey is the point when it starts to feel real for you. That’s why I created this course. I want you to realize that hurdle is not as big as you think.

Coming August 2020

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